Play as an elite marine of the Elysium Corporation inside one of the combat suits - Assault, Demolition, Hellfire, Terminator


Employ unique abilities of your robotic friend called Saffron, that will change and impact difficulty with every skill you use, master them, and you will master any difficulty.


Fight in 4 epic boss battles that will pump up your adrenline as you try to find a way to defeat them.


Upgrade your weapons like assault rifles, flamethrowers and plasma guns, experience the mighty Vindicator and decide which weapon suits you best, a pure destruction, or just carnage.


Level up your combat suit and become an unstopabble fighting machine.


Employ unique abilities of your robotic companion Saffron, that will impact the threat level with every skill use. Master them, and you will master any difficulty/challenge/scenario.

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Battle for survival against waves of Martian mutants in this tactical twist on twin-stick shooters. Using the skills of your drone companion, make fight-or-flight decisions that drastically alter the threats you face. Will your choices lead you to freedom... or your doom?


Experience Martian carnage in The Red Solstice world, just look at the action, and join the corps!